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Xignux a group of companies driven by more than 26 thousand energizing individuals, provides solutions for two main industries: energy and food. For energy, Viakable produces electrical conductors, Prolec, specializes in energy transformation and delivery, while Voltrak and Schrader Camargo excel in electrical infrastructure and electro-mechanical assemblies. As for the food industry, Qualtia Alimentos, provides the protein; Food Service Group, comprehensive catering and supplies services; and Bydsa, the snacks. Xignux has operations in 8 countries, its solutions reach more than 40 others, and thus continues to drive what it started more than 60 years ago. Xignux: Energy that Transforms



We make synergy along with students to reinforce our sustainability Recycling – We save lives

We learn best practices along the best in the world

Collaborators of Xignux companies consider examples of uses of new technologies that keep transforming us
As part of the ITESM-Xignux integration project, Voltrak collaborators and students work together to improve environmental assessment. 440 children of the Alliance Against Childhood Cancer, A.B.P are benefited through the support provided by Prolec employees who collect plastic caps. Managers of Qualtia Alimentos participated in Expo Atlanta Poultry Show in order to continue positioning the company and its brands to do networking and inform us about the latest technological developments and challenges facing the meat industry in the world. A clear common objective among all is “Energize growth, maximizing resources”, and therefore, leaders of Viakable, Qualtia Alimentos and Prolec, who lead transformation efforts with the use of new technologies, visited FEMSA’s Xpertal Global Services, located in Monterrey, México.
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