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We manage companies that energize life and society to contribute to a better world.



We have a standing commitment to the development of our talent and support for their ongoing advancement.

Research, development and the adoption of world-class practices and techniques in every part of our value chain enable us to maximize the satisfaction of our customers and enhance the profitability of our operations.

Through a positive, high-impact relationship with the communities where we are present, we protect the environment and operate as a socially responsible company.

Our Values

Being trustworthy

Seeking excellence in everything we do



Our history begins more than 60 years ago in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León. Today we are ranked as one of Mexico’s most solid and competitive companies because of the diversification of operations and markets where we participate.

  • 50´
  • 60'
  • 70'
  • 80'
  • 90'
  • 2000'
  • 2010'
  • 50′


    Conductores Monterrey is founded on September 29th.


    Conductores Monterrey starts operations with 7 machines and 10 people working in the factory area.

  • 60′


    The production of magnet wire begins.

    A technical advisory agreement is signed between Conductores Monterrey and Canada & Wire Cable Co., which acquires a minority interest in the company’s capital stock.


    A minority interest acquired in the capital stock of Conelec (manufacturer of all kinds of electrical cables and conductors), which has a plant in Puebla and a partnership with Phelps Dodge of the United States.


    Medium voltage cables of up to 35 thousand volts with solid insulation are manufactured in Mexico for the first time.

    Inauguration of the new Conductores Monterrey plant, seven times larger than the first one.


    Grupo Primex founded with Conductores Monterrey in partnership with other cable manufacturers, to assure quality supply in electrical conductors insulation.


    Ingeniería Eléctrica Industrial, a manufacturer of distribution and medium power transformers, is acquired.

    A formal agreement with General Electric of the United States, is signed to receive technical advisory services in the manufacture of wire enamels.

  • 70′


    Manufacturera CM is created, a new company making harnesses and accessories.

    Start of operations of the Conductores Monterrey telephone cable plant.


    Inauguration of the new plant of Productos Industriales CM, today Prolec GE, to manufacture electrical distribution and extra high voltage, of up to 400 kV, produced for the first time in Mexico.

    Acquisition of Kir Alimentos, engaged in producing cold cuts.

    Conductores Monterrey makes a cable with EPR insulation, for the first time in Latin America.


    Creation of Conalum, together with other domestic cable manufacturers making it the first producer of aluminum wire-rod in Mexico.

  • 80′


    Start of operations of the Conductores Monterrey plant in San Luis Potosí, for manufacturing construction wires and cables.

    Formation of the Conductores Monterrey network for marketing its own and other products of the group.


    Acquisition of Talleres Industriales, a leading domestic company making gray iron pipes and other foundry products.

    Start of operations of Tisamatic in San Luis Potosí, a company for producing high-precision foundry parts for the automotive and household appliance industries.


    Creation of Conticon with a Xignux minority interest, to produce copper wire-rod, a raw material for manufacturing electrical conductors.


    With Xignux as minority partner, Conticon is founded, a producer of cooper cable used to make electrical conductors. Industrias CM becomes Industrias AXA.


    Arnecom established as a joint venture of Xignux and Yazaki Corporation, to manufacture automotive harnesses.

  • 90′


    Industrias AXA turns into AXA.


    Conductores Monterrey begins to manufacture assembled cable for exportation to the United States.

    The Total Quality Control process begins with the support of the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM).


    Multipak, the main manufacturer of wooden spools in Mexico, becomes part of the group.

    Joint venture between Xignux and Sara Lee Corporation established at Kir Alimentos.

    A joint venture agreement is signed between Conductores Monterrey and Elkins Pro Sales to sell construction cable in the United States. Xignux owns a minority stake.


    Prolec GE joint venture formalized between Prolec and General Electric for manufacturing electric power transformers.

    Start of operations of the Cables Automotrices plant as part of the Arnecom integration process.


    Start of operations of the Arnecom Instrumentos Automotrices plant.

    Acquisition of the São Marco company, the third largest manufacturer of magneto wire in Brazil.

    Joint venture between Prolec and General Electric materializes in the Distribution Transformers division.


    Expansion of São Marco is carried out and a plant for manufacturing magnet wire enamels is built.

    Start of operations of Yazaki Argentina and beginning of the construction of Yazaki Do Brazil, two new joint ventures between Xignux and Yazaki, to operate in South America.

    Dedication of Magnekon, one of the leading and most modern magneto wire plants in the world.

    First Quality Control Circles Congress carried out at Xignux.

    Acquisition of Zwanenberg de México and Quesos Caperucita, both become part of the Foods division.


    Conductores Monterrey expands its capacity to produce cables of up to 230 kV and a new plant to produce cords and flexible cables is inaugurated.

    Prolec and General Electric expand the scope of their joint venture by including the manufacture of industrial power transformers.


    All Xignux companies are ISO 9000 or QS 9000, certified, thus reinforcing the quality assurance processes.

  • 2000′


    Arnecom starts operations of its plant in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas.

    Start of operations of the Conductores Monterrey coaxial cables plant.

    Operations start up the Multilec industrial harness plant in Zacatlán, Puebla.

    The Foods division doubles the production capacity of its plant in Tepotzotlán, State of Mexico.


    AXA changes its name to Xignux.

    Three Arnecom plants, producers of automotive harnesses, start operations in Nicaragua.


    Xignux acquires the operations of the Leo and Snaky products, and creates Botanas y Derivados (BYDSA), a manufacturer of salty snacks.

    Prolec GE begins to produce three-phase pedestal power transformers.

    Integration of two plants to produce Automotive Harnesses.


    Market share of Botanas y Derivados (BYDSA) strengthened upon the acquisition of the company manufacturing the Encanto brand products, with a great presence in the institutional channel.


    Successful electrification of the most important underground high-voltage distribution project in Mexico: the Laguna II Combined Cycle Facility.

    Xignux integrates the operation of Voltrak; a company specialized in the construction of substations, transmission lines, low voltage projects, and substations maintenance.

    Start of o operations of a new Arnecom plant in Nicaragua, producing automotive cables.


    Celeco carries out the first export of circuit breaker insulators to China.

    Qualtia acquires the Alphino, Riojano and Donfer brands of cold cuts supplementing its business portfolio in the food sector.

    Start of operations of a new plant producing Automotive Harnesses in El Salvador.

    Start of operations of a plant for producing Automotive Harnesses in Uruguay, as part of the joint venture between Xignux and Yazaki.

    Celebration of the first 50 years of Conductores Monterrey. For the first time, 115 kV cables are manufactured in Mexico.

    Arnecom starts operations of a new automotive cables plant in Nicaragua.

    Start of operations of the automotive instruments production plant in Argentina.

    Start of operations of the new Botanas y Derivados (BYDSA) plant, located in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon.


    As part of the Xignux and Yazaki joint venture that operates in the Mercosur region, start of operations of the new Santo Antonio de Platina plant in Brazil.


    New Prolec GE plant built to produce extra-large power transformers (XLPT).

    Xignux acquires Sara Lee Corporation’s interest in Qualtia Alimentos.

    Completion of the acquisition of Schrader Camargo Ingenieros Asociados, a company located in Colombia.


    Xignux acquires Indo Tech Transformers, a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of power and distribution transformers located in India.

  • 2010′


    The infrastructure division is created to integrate the operations of Voltrak, IOESA, Prosel and Schrader Camargo Ingenieros y Asociados.

    Viakable attains AS9100 certification for manufacturing aerospace industry cables.


    Inauguration of the Viakable and Prolec Technology Centers located at the Research and Innovation Technology Park (PII), in Nuevo Leon.

    As part of its business growth strategy, Qualtia expands its share in the convenience channel through the Ready to Eat products.


    The operations of Centelsa, a manufacturer of electrical conductors located in Colombia becomes part of Viakable.


    Qualtia market share in the institutional channel strengthened by the integration of Exim del Caribe and Food Service de México.


    As part of the diversification and growth strategy of Qualtia, the Food Service Group business unit is created, to integrate different companies producing and distributing more than 4 thousand food industry products.

    Start of operations of Vialutek, a company manufacturing aluminum wire-rod.

    Inauguration of the new facilities of the Xignux Integral Formation Institute (IFIX).


    Acquisition of the assets of the company American Bare Conductor Inc. And start of operations of Viakable Manufacturing LLC, in the United States.


Presence in five countries: Mexico, United States, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. Sales to more than 40 countries.


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