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At the Xignux companies we do not request any payments in talent attraction processes.

We have become aware that there are email accounts attributed to our organization that request money as part of an alleged job or hiring offer. We emphatically condemn such acts of deception or attempted fraud.

Please be informed that at the Xignux companies we never request payments of any kind in our talent attraction processes, and whenever we establish contact, we do so through our official accounts with the name of our company in the domain, that is, after the “at” (@ and never through free or massive domain accounts.

We recommend that in order to prevent you from falling into these kinds of hiring scams, you implement at least three actions:

  • Always validate that you are being contacted through an official account.
  • Rule out sharing personal information such as your income level, or providing social/economic profile information.
  • Refuse to make payments for testing or admission exams regardless of the amount.

At the Xignux companies we share our vacant positions in our official employment board and occasionally in our LinkedIn account.

Thank you for your attention.
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