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We join with students to continue decreasing environmental footprint. It is a priority

DSC00249-1The fourth presentation of Sustainability Integration Projects was carried out, and the mere objective is to support the training of graduates through the development of sustainable projects that positively impact economy, environmental and social areas.

The projects presented were made in collaboration with teachers and students of the ITESM (Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey) of the Chemical Engineer and Sustainable Development, who initially identified areas of opportunity in different Xignux companies and developed plans that were aimed to improve our environment and decrease environmental footprint.

This event was held at the Viakable Planta Monterrey auditorium and began with the welcome of Álvaro Garza, Corporate Environmental Specialist. The students had the support of the Operations, Maintenance, EHS personnel and managers of the participating plants.

In the session, the students had the opportunity to present their projects carried out to date, as well as the expected results in each one of them.
At the end of the exhibitions, a valuable recognition was given to the students thanks to their participation in each of the projects.

Through this type of collaborative actions, carried out at Xignux and its companies, we reestablish our solid commitment to sustainability.


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