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We energize ourselves by learning ideas and achievements of university students

destacada-8Students from the University of Monterrey (UDEM), supported by Xignux Foundation, lead their efforts to put in action notable improvements for a more sustainable life.

At Xignux we bet on the talent of young people, through our foundation, we seek together to contribute for sustainable development in four priority areas of social investment: Education, Energy, Community Development and Nutrition.

The Social Responsibility area supports students by the next prizes as follows:

• Xignux UDEM Prize: Contest related to alternative energy and sustainable construction with the participation of 80 students from different universities, favoring eight civil society organizations.

• Road to Sustainability at the UDEM: Conferences by experts, aimed at students, with the aim of raising awareness about challenges and opportunities that our planet is facing.

In this event held on February 5, at the UDEM facilities, Mrs. Marcela Garza Herrera, President of the Xignux Foundation, gave a message to young people interested in the Xignux UDEM Award, in which students are invited to diverse universities, to form multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with civil society organizations to execute sustainable strategies in favor of our planet.

Marcela Garza Herrera stressed: “Not because you do not look around, it means that it is not happening”, referring to problems on the planet, such as weather change. It is an urgency to find young people with conviction and commitment to get involved with it.


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