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Third Annual Food Service Group Meeting

destacadaFSThe Third Annual Food Service Group 2019 Meeting was celebrated in March 21 and 22, at the “El Refugio” Training Center, in Santiago, N.L. The meeting related to: “Consolidate the Business Model to Profit and Grow”.

90 participants attended this event, and everyone had the opportunity to align themselves with the strategies that will point the direction of Food Service Group during this year, sharing experiences and integrate as a team.

The impeccable execution of the processes, discipline, planning and focus on organizational objectives and goals were the main topics discussed at this meeting and also under these guidelines were established the commitments for the remainder of the year 2019.

The sports theme (football) framed the activities of this meeting. Frank Gonzalez, successful coach of the Wild Borregos Tec de Monterrey, delved into his lecture the formula that keeps a person´s mind to think always with a winning attitude.

In addition to this intervention, we have the participation of our FSG Directors and business leaders, who shared with the audience the guidelines and commercial strategies for this 2019, which will lead to the consolidation of the company.

For the first time, a Project Forum took place in which the most relevant operational actions were exposed during 2018 that also led to the successful results of FSG at the end of the year. The holders of these projects had the opportunity to share with the attendees the strategies, the results and the steps to follow in order to accomplish each of these actions that were implemented to make more profitable operational processes.

Finally, engineer Andrés Garza Herrera, General Director of Qualtia, closed the event with a message pointing towards operational discipline. During his speech, he insisted on the importance of working every day by planning, executing and evaluating our activities, only in this way we achieve continuous improvement.

It should be noted that the presentations had a great impact on the participants, leaving practical and applicable reflections for daily operation. Today, Food Service Group has an identity that unifies all its members as a single company, with a talented team that achieves results and, of course, with a strategy to lead the organization towards consolidation as “the best and most complete solution for Food Service market in México.”

Congratulations to the entire Food Service Group team.


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