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São Marco, choosen as “One of the best companies to work” and “To start a career”



For the ninth time, São Marco was again selected among the “150 Best Companies to Work For” in Brazil, by the Guide You S/A – Examination, in association with the Foundation Institute of Administration (FIA), specialized in searching among the registered companies, the best ones to work for in Brazil.

This recognition is oriented not only to select the best companies, but also to demonstrate to   businessmen, managers, human resources managers, which the key factors are for a company to succeed in business and to identify the key points to improve its development, profitability and sustainability.

One of the most important steps for been selected is the evaluation carried out amongst the employees, through the Work Environment Quality Index (ICAT) and the People Management Quality Index (ICGP), addressing the following aspects:

• Strategic management and objectives

•Leadership Profile Management

• Recognition and Reward Management

• Career Management

• Internal Communication Management

• Management of Participation and Autonomy

• Interpersonal Relationship Management

• Process and Organization Management

• Health, Safety and Quality of Life at Work Management

• Sustainability and Diversity Management

In addition, São Marco was classified as one of the “45 Best Companies to Start the Career”, category in which he participated for the first time. The magazine “Usted S/A” has been making this selection for seven years and is the only one in the world that evaluates young people’s satisfaction with their employment.

Several factors were considered for the selection of the “Best Companies to Start the Career”.

São Marco had 80.1% of IFT Joven (Index of Happiness at Work), higher than an average of 78.9% of the other classifieds. Receiving this award reflects São Marco’s efforts that provide training and development to young people within the organization.

In Brazil´s current economic situation, successful companies are not only focused on the quality of their products and services, but also on providing a better quality of life to their employees, which is the reason that São Marco invests in training and motivational programs that encourage the well-being of employees.

São Marco’s outstanding key points are the quality of life at work, as well as the salaries and employment benefits package offered to his employees in the company.

It’s an honor that São Marco is in the selected group of companies that achieve this type of distinction.



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