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In Viakable, the culture of inclusion lives

DESTACADA-1As part of the actions of the Diversity and Inclusion campaign carried out in Viakable, on March 14 the “Introduction to the Mexican Sign Language” course-workshop was given to employees in the company.

During the event, there was a brief testimony of Jesus Job Jiménez, a good fellow with deafness who collaborates in Magnekon, who shared with the attendees how his life experience has been by having a complete communication through sign language.

It should be noted that Jesús is a great example of motivation, since he showed that there is no obstacle to achieve his goals and that disability should not be a barrier to achieve professional fulfillment.

At the end of his testimony, a basic Sign Language workshop was offered by Sofía Treviño, who is an interpreter of this language motivated all guests to learn some of the most frequently used words.

This initiatives support our commitment to make a more inclusive company every day.


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