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In 2018 Xignux Foundation’s efforts benefited more than half a million people



The council that directs the efforts of Xignux Foundation held a meeting in which shared the achievements of this institution approached during the year 2018.

It shall be remembered that Xignux Foundation is the main instrument of Social Investment of the group, through which we support social causes outside the company. The Mission of this foundation is to contribute strategically and transcendently to sustainable development for communities where we have operations through integration of alliances and investment of resources by initiatives of high impact and social value.

In congruence with our industrial activity and to make sure that the initiatives we truly support are of high impact, we have established four Priorities for Social Investment (APIS): Community Development, Nutrition, Energy and Education.

Through its actions, Xignux Foundation offered its support to 71 civil society organizations, forming alliances to achieve a positive social impact, benefiting 522,904 people during the year 2018.

As an example, we briefly present some of the projects that were supported:

The initiative launches a challenge in all Tec de Monterrey campuses, looking for a solution to social problems related to poor air quality in Mexico.


Support for the construction and opening of new fire stations, which will provide a better emergency fire service, close to our operations.


Provide access to an integral quality education, so children and adolescents who emerge from our intervention model: reflecting knowledge, skills, competencies and values generated from quality academic education; become integral, mature and Christian. These people will contribute to the improvement of citizenship; also will continue with their personal and educational development, extending their life horizon.


Reduce food insecurity by serving a nutritious and balanced meal to children from four months to 16 years old, pregnant and lactating mothers who live in extreme poverty situations in the community of Santa Catarina.

The important social impact that is achieved through the actions of Xignux Foundation is a great impulse that makes us continue with this effort that adds the will of everyone in our organization, to build a better society and a better country.


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