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Determined to energize improvement by working focused

destacada-RADXThe Xignux Annual Management Meeting was recently celebrated, in which 120 leaders of our companies exchanged information and strategic plans along with Juan Ignacio Garza Herrera, our General Manager Xignux.

Between results, challenges, business perspectives and integration activities, the leaders of our business strengthened relations with inner-companies and inter-area professional relationships, resulting in benefits that will energize growth and maximize resources, such as our annual internal theme shared in January, also exhibited at the CTX Forum.

Reflection, plan designing and the use of new technologies were common denominators during the meeting days, which is known by its acronym RADX.

All the topics addressed during these presentations like videos, messages and activities correspond to ensure and maintain an excellent experience for each of our clients and distributors; for us as collaborators and energizers; as well as community, because we are “Energy That Transforms.”

Lic. Oscar Martínez Treviño, Director of Corporate Development opened this event by presenting a clear message about the challenges and expectations for each one of those who integrate Xignux companies, also offered very interesting information about  the intelligent use of time, seeing it as a resource that can be used efficiently.

On the other hand, Mr. Juan Ignacio Garza Herrera gave the essential message of the meeting, in which he presented very illustrative and very useful examples inducing everyone to contemplate on the responsibilities and their roles of providing direction.

During his presentation, he highlighted the following: “If we want to be successful and achieve long-term sustainable development, we must make use of methodologies that are compatible with our goals and nature of our businesses. In Xignux, Focus will symbolize a duality: decision and action “.

He mentioned that we should work in “Focus Mode” to reduce delivery times indeed, solve pending issues more effectively and, above all, to experience the satisfaction of progress, of concretizing, of progressing in every single day of our work days.

“Collaboration between different levels should prevail, not only to raise the complete performance of the organization, but also to promote empowerment. This will allow us to reach creative solutions, since the strengths of our teams will have been previously identified. “

We invite you to see the following images that communicate precisely what the engineer Garza Herrera refers by working focused.


In our companies, each one of us will be receiving information about Focus, since it will become a working procedure that we will incorporate into our Xignux Work Culture.


In May, an integrating communication plan will be introduced in all our companies. We  will share the procedures of Working Focused on 2020 and 2025. Team works were developed in this annual meeting. These work activities will be added to these new working concepts that will be refined and shared to all workers in order to have the same common approach and language.

What we know, to this day, is that each of our solutions adds up to:



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