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Rómulo Garza Research and Innovation Award 2017 Ceremony


Last January 24th, Xignux and Tecnológico de Monterrey, recognized the researchers selected to receive the Rómulo Garza Research and Innovation Award 2017, which includes the Insignia Award to the research professor for his career, also awards in three categories: “Scientific articles on magazines and journals of high impact factor”, for “Published books” and for “Research projects with innovation components” granted to students.

The ceremony was led by Eugenio Garza Herrera, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Xignux, and David Garza Salazar, Rector of Tec de Monterrey.

During this event, in which the winners received the medal of the “Romulo Garza Research and Innovation Award”, as well as an economic incentive, Eugenio Garza Herrera said:

“It is fundamental for Tecnológico de Monterrey to keep developing research and innovation as one of its differentiating elements.”

“But the most relevant and indispensable thing I consider is to recognize the researchers and their students who with their effort and work contribute to the creation of knowledge, technologic development and innovation to give solutions to a generation of wealth and poverty decrease, to a generation of creative culture and innovation in our institution, based on the scientific knowledge and finally on the inspiration that a research professor can generate in his students and fellow researchers through his example and career.”

Also, Garza Herrera underlined: “In the name of Xignux and mine, want to concede and to thank you all for the effort accomplished every day, for your imagination of a better world and for your hard work that you achieve on your specific areas.  Your effort breaks models and allows to us to go further to live in a fairer society, more influential, and more competitive and especially more sustainable.”

During the ceremony professor Bryan Husted received the highest recognition for his academic and research contributions that foster business ethics and social responsibility.

Teacher of the EGADE Business School and member of the “Sistema Nacional de Investigadores Nivel 3” was recognized with the Insignia Award “Research Professor” for his studies on questionable business practices such as corruption and unfair competition in companies for more than 30 years to try to offer more ethical, responsible and sustainable methods.

In this event was honored the professor Arturo Santos García for his article “Interim results from the international trial of Second Sight’s visual prosthesis” published in the Ophthalmology magazine which he reports all results from a research based on the generation of artificial sight in blind patients.

Besides Professor Bonnie J. Palifka was award-winner for second edition of her book “Corruption and Government: Causes, Consequences, and Reform”, which has reached 1943 copies sold.


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