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Viakable is active in this sector. This Division has a variety of production facilities in Mexico,
Colombia and Brazil dedicated to the manufacture of copper and aluminum cable for electric
power transmission and distribution.


Planta Monterrey
This plant operates the only continuous vertical insulation system in Latin America for cables up to 230 kV, and is the most modern plant on the American Continent. It also produces flexible and construction cables and cables for the electronics and telecommunications industries.


Planta San Luis Potosí
Recognized as one of the most modern plants of its type in North America. It produces low voltage cables for installation in housing, offices, shopping centers and industrial projects.
One of the world’s most modern producers of round and rectangular magnet wire. It offers a great variety of products for countless applications, from motor windings to refrigeration motor-compressors.

In 2012, CENTELSA became part of Viakable as part of their international expansion. CENTELSA,
based in Colombia, is a manufacturer of electric cables for the energy, telecommunications and
electronics sectors.

São Marco
Brazil’s second most important manufacturer of magnet wire. It also produces electrical insulation varnishes, resins and lubricants.

Viakon ComercialEletec manages an efficient network for commercialization and distribution, with offices located in the country’s major industrial, tourism and commercial development centers. It also looks after our clients’ needs in over 15 countries of the Caribbean, Central and South America.

CME Wire and CablePromotes and commercializes power, construction and telecommunications cables to the North American market through strategically located distribution centers in the USA.