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214 Xignux ambassadors celebrate 25 to 45 years of success at work!


21 women and 193 men have dedicated important years of their lives working with professionalism and passion in any of the Xignux companies, whether dedicated to energy or food. They received a well-deserved tribute from our Director General.

Thursday the 29 of November was a night full of positive energy in which 214 people from Xignux companies were honored for their 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th and 45th anniversary; years in which professionalism and passion have contributed to provide solutions to energize the lives of people in diverse communities of the world.

Mr. Juan Ignacio Garza Herrera, General Director of Xignux, led the event and gave an emotional message, in which he highlighted the value of the contributions of each of the honorees and recognized families and couples as very valuable support for the personal and professional development of each one.

In his message he highlighted:

“… 214 people are the reason for this “Tribute to Loyalty” event, 214 honorees whose inspiration is a real example that fills us with pride. Among them we have 21 women and 193 men. Good for those gentlemen who are always driving the industry, it´s fascinating to have female talent, enriching and opening new paths. Well done!”

The 214 honored colleagues were distributed as follows:

• 78 employees celebrated 25 years

• 75 more celebrated their 30th anniversary

• 25 people honored for their first 35 years

• 34 comrades celebrated 4 decades in Xignux …

• And two constant energizers, who celebrated: 45 years with us!

During the awards ceremony, the CEOs of each of the companies were remarkably proud of the honorees that, for years, have put effort and dedication to their work.

The message of Engineer Juan Ignacio Garza Herrera was summarized in two very significant words for the honorees: Thanks and Congratulations.

Told them:

“Thanks for:

•wanting to make a career in Xignux

•having found here an interesting challenge, a healthy environment, and an opportunity for personal development

•believing in Xignux

• betting on Xignux

• its roots

• Xignux and its companies would not exist without you … Xignux are you, Xignus are us

Congratulations for:

• knowing how to connect ideas

• driving needs towards solutions

• transforming plans into facts and results

• contributing to the success of Xignux

• adding to the improvement of Mexico

• being the support of his family in an ethical and dignified manner

Once the formal part of the event was over, a dinner was offered to the attendees. As an aperitif, there were cold meats and cheeses from our brands at each table, and the main dish was prepared with XO meat from Qualtia Alimentos.

Each honoree was widely recognized and received a bit of how much he has given for years in energy companies such as: Viakable, Prolec, Voltrak, Schrader Camargo, or working in food companies: Qualtia Food, Food Service Group and Bydsa .


25 años

25 years

30 años

30 years

35 años

35 years


45 años

45 years

Congratulations to each honoree and their families. They are a transforming energy.


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